July 2016 Newsletter - Wedding Photography Advice



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Wedding Photography Tips

Free Cheat Sheet

Composition Flow Chart



This month's free download is a flow chart to help you think about the composition of your images.


For nearly every shot there is a very similar series of questions you need to ask. What do I want to see? How do I make the point of interest clear? Is there something worth shooting?


This quick guide leads you through the steps of thinking based on the type of image you are shooting. You should ideally think this way when taking an image, but you can often use this thinking when framing afterwards.


You just need to click on the picture right to download your high resolution version of the cheat sheet.



Wedding Season

The Wedding Season is upon us, so here are some quick planning tips for wedding photographers


For me a big part of wedding photography is in the preparation.

I know some photographers just want to turn up and shoot, but I'm not a big fan of this, it is all a bit casual for me.


Step 1: Talk with the couple:


This is the most important part - find out what they really want from their wedding day. Find out which parts of the day are important.


Many brides talk about only wanting "casual" images, but that is not to say that both formal group shots and the special details are not required too.


Find out what the timetable is supposed to be.


From this you can work out your own shooting timetable, when will you shoot the groups, when will you shoot the couple.


Step 2: Check out the venue.


You really need to know two things: (1) where will you do the big group shots? (2) what happens if it is raining.


With a very wet June just behind us, trust me - having a Plan B for a rainy day is crucial.


Step 3: Prepare your checklist


You do not want to arrive at a wedding and discover you have left some crucial piece of equipment behind.


You also do not want to leave the wedding without having captured all the images on the couples shoot list.


There's a lot more to say about all this, and here's the plug...


If you are shooting a wedding, either as the principal photographer or just as a guest, you should buy my handy guide "50 Must Have Wedding Photographs".


It is short, sweet and to the point. Unlike many wedding guides which seem to feature the most luxurious of locations, this guide is about "real weddings".


It is available from AMAZON (with a free PDF download as well)

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