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Photo Shoot: Niki Marie – Lingerie (archive repost)

3 June 2014


Warning: The images from this photo shoot are much stronger sexually than my usual material.  


I shall be posting images from this shoot over several different posts.    We shot for a 12 hours that day with a very deliberate aim to produce a range from glamorous (but not glamour) to the downright smutty.   It was a day to explore a very sexy girl, being very sexual. 


~03-SQW~Niki-Marie_Nichols-2012-03-22~WORK_20120322-120234_5674 ~03-SQW~Niki-Marie_Nichols-2012-03-22~WORK_20120322-120340_5710 ~03-SQW~Niki-Marie_Nichols-2012-03-22~WORK_20120322-120421_5720 ~03-SQW~Niki-Marie_Nichols-2012-03-22~WORK_20120322-121409_5794 ~03-SQW~Niki-Marie_Nichols-2012-03-22~WORK_20120322-132001_6019 ~03-SQW~Niki-Marie_Nichols-2012-03-22~WORK_20120322-180512_7093

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