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Some fun and inspiration for the new year
Free Cheat Sheet
Need some ideas? Try the PIG!
The Picture Idea Generator gives you four ideas for you to go and shoot.
Some are technical, some are artistic, many are a good challenge.
So, if you are wondering what to do over the Christmas break - check out the PIG!
Test your images against others
Think you have a great image, then why not get it compared by your peers?
Cream Rises is a website where you can upload your own images and have them compared to many others. You can vote for your preferred images and of course... cream rises - so you can see the best of images from around the world.
Truth is Cream Rises is a bit unloved - it could really do with a surge of users - so why not get together with your friends or club members and get everyone to submit images - it is much more fun that way.
You can visit Cream Rises here: www.filmphotoacademy.com/CreamRises
How about entering a national exhibition?

I've been involved with the Vale of Evesham Camera Club for many years and it is time for their annual national exhibition. This is an entirely digital entry so it is very easy go get involved. For those seeking FIAP's and PAGB awards this is fully recognised by both.
You can see the results from last year and sign up for this years exhibition here: photo2017.net/
Free Cheat Sheet
Portrait Lighting Positions
This month's free download is a quick guide to understanding portrait lighting terms.
Remember, shadows create depth and form. Incidentally, you can use these same lighting guides for still life as well.
You just need to click on the picture right to download your high resolution version of the cheat sheet.
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