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Boudoir Photography

A chance to get in on the biggest growing photographic sector. Ideal for those starting out professionally or for the serious hobbyist who is interested in pursuing sensual glamour work.

Fashion and Nudes in Georgian House

Working with Artemis Fauna, a very professional full-time model in her own Georgian house where nearly every room is specially prepared to be a photographic set. Everything from light and airy to dark and moody.

Fashion and Nudes at the Boat GraveYard

Ivory Flame and Ella Rose are the ultimate pre-Raphaelite dream team and we ran two workshops with them, one in woods (lower down) and the other at the Boat Graveyard on the River Severn.

A very atmospheric and dramatic location led to some terrific shots, many with an cinema feel to them.

Fashion on the Streets

Carla Monaco always looks the film star and she pulled off some terrific work on a fairly chilly day.

Photographers were able to make the most of both pretty and grotty settings. Good experience shooting out in public, dealing with passers-by, strange looks and still getting great images.

Natural Nudes in the Woods

Two workshops, one with Ivory Flame and Ella Rose and another with Carla Monaco out in the woods and water.

With a terrific location that has a lot of variety we were able to pull off an amazingly different set of shoots. Every photographer saw a different angle, a unique backgdrop or pose.

Studio Workshops

I still run my ever popular studio sessions, where we range from introductions to basic studio work and lighting through to advanced work using sophisticated studio techniques

Urban Decay - Art Nude

Maja Stina is an amazing model who can pull off a range of completely different looks. Although she might look scary she is lovely to work with.

We have run several workshops in urban and gritty locations in Birmingham and Nottingham with great results. Several attendees have immediately booked another session on the day!

These workshops are producing some very striking and completely unique images.

My thanks to the many photographers who have attended these workshops and submitted images for review and critique.

This presentation includes a mix from many different photographers and not everyone wants to have their name attached to particular images. So in no alphabetical order credits due to:
Andrew Leask, Bob Bishop, Carole Bourton, Dave Gibson, Dave Lyon, Ian Ledgard, Jeff Wilson, Ken Price, Kevin Harper, Malcolm Campbell, Mike Tickle, Neill Taylor, Richard Cherry, Robert Millin, Robert Bracher, Trevor Ellis