Hi, Cream Rises is a simple idea. Let people upload images and let the people vote for their favourites.

The actual scoring system is secret (to prevent people gaming the system) but essentially the more votes you get, the better your score

You are shown two images at a time, just click on the picture you like best.

You can upload your own images, but please don't swamp us with 100's. You will find yourself penalised for uploading more than a few at a time.

Why no photographer information?

I want Cream Rises to be anonymous, where the picture speaks for itself.

So there is no author information, no titles or descriptions.

The only time you can see the author's name is on the "Cream" lists.

Why do I keep seeing some images repeatedly

When images are first loaded we try and show them more often, so we can quickly get to a score that reflects the quality of the image.

How is the Cream of the Month selected?

These are the top 20 images that have been uploaded during the last 30 days (or 7 days for Cream of the Week).

The scoring system is arranged so newly loaded images are not unduly penalised (or benefited).

Prizes and Awards

Yes, there will be prizes and awards.

For them to make sense we need more users and images, so not quite yet.

My intention is to provide Awards in the form of certificates and Prizes - either cash, vouchers or products.

Can I Sponsor a Prize?

Yes. If you are interested in sponsoring a prize or award, then please get in touch (contact link at the bottom of the page)

Cream Rises
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