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[30 Jul 2014 | 1 views]

Model of the Day

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[1 Aug 2014 | 499 views]

I’ve worked with Leah many times over the years, and I did her first photoshoot.  Leah is now a very successful and much in demand model.    Leah would be the first to admit she is "fun-sized" and this means that the whole cat-walk area is (literally) out of her reach.   That hasn’t stopped her creating a strong niche working with photographers both locally and nationally on photographic projects where the catwalk height is not crucial.

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Critiques »

[30 Jul 2014 | 238 views]

Richard created these images at one of our RPS art nude workshops.  Attendees on our workshops can send images to me afterwards for review and critique.

Nice high key shot, lovely focus on Pixie’s famous bottom.
Maybe just lit too square, moving the light more to the left (or twisting the body away a little more) – but I’m nit picking.
Shame the highlights are burnt out – I’m sure you would be able to pull them out of the raw file.
Lovely image otherwise, again gorgeous smooth tones and nice set of darks …

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Photography Tips »

[29 Jul 2014 | 217 views]

1) If its cropped, crop deliberately.
No half measures on cropping, either something is in shot, or its not.
2) Crop limbs, don’t amputate them
If you need to crop a limb, then crop it at the mid-point, cropping near the end of an arm or leg will make it look like the hand or foot has been amputated.
3) Don’t be afraid to lose the top of the head
Shooting a headshot with the top of the head in actually gives you quite an unpleasant composition with the eyes too low in the frame.  …

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Critiques »

[28 Jul 2014 | 196 views]

John was one of the attendees at our Art Nude workshop, every attendee can submit a selection of work afterwards for review and critique – a valuable part of the workshop learning process.

Just lovely. 
Two slight issues, the nose breaking the line of the cheek gives a slight disjoint.
The left hand edge is bright – something went wrong with the vignette.
But still a lovely image.
Whereas this still has a similar dreamy quality and shot in the same lighting, this looks over posed – so although it has a sense of …

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Technique »

[27 Jul 2014 | 241 views]

Actually lighting for guys isn’t that much different than for girls when it comes to revealing the body form.  I suppose the one big difference is that in general you are trying to soften the skin for girls, but reveal all the texture for guys.

The first and crucial thing is to position either one or two lights to the side of the subject, 
The light should skim the surface you are shooting, allowing the natural peaks and troughs of the body to be revealed – not by the light – …

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