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Model of the Day

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At least the bed is a legitimate set for glamour photography. It also lets you play with the environment, props and setting.

Lighting Diagram
This is actually shot in a space within my studio. The area is a white walled area with a window space. It can be dressed as a bedroom, sitting room, office, or any other kind of space.

The key thing is the light behind the window – which is covered in diffuser material – is burnt out to give that outdoor sunshine feel.

The lights to the …

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Celebrity photographer David Bailey: The man behind the (Olympus) camera!

In the Swinging Sixties, David Bailey was the most famous photographer in England. Young and cool, he partied with the Stones and the Beatles and was even known to hang out with gangsters like the notorious Kray Brothers.
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We were actually capturing full length and portrait shots in this wet paint shot, but I was fascinated by the small, abstract interaction and mixing of the paints.  I only had about 2 minutes to have a quick go at catching all these small surfaces.
Looking at them now, I wish I had got even closer (I suppose they could be cropped more) and also I would spend more time seaking out angles.   I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to get in the heat of the moment, …

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Lighting bums is a lot like lighting faces – it needs light and dark to really give the bum shape and form and make it look attractive.
Here’s the first fail – the light is facing directly towards the bottom

The bottom looks big and wide and is completely unflattering
Next we have the single light solution:

The light has been placed at 45 degrees to the camera/subject axis – just like a perfect portrait.  Now the light and shade is giving us lovely shaping.
And next is the two light – bum sandwich …

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[20 Apr 2014 | 2 views]

How to Break Through Your Creative Block : Strategies from 90 of Today’s Most Exciting Creators

Refining the machinery of creativity, or what heartbreak and hydraulics have to do with coaxing the muse.
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