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Photo Idea Generator

If you're stuck for ideas - or just want a bit of fun.... I've invented a "Photo Idea Generator"! Try the P.

H.264 Video - Do I need a licence?

No. Now let me explain. H.264 is a method of displaying video on websites and is being incorporated into a number of cameras and video software as well.

What do you want future tech to bring to photography?

I admit I've been suckered into the iPad world recently and one ofnthe apps I've installed allows me to connect my iPhone and iPad so that I can control the iPhone camera from the iPad.

Canon 5D MkII - Yellow cast to LCD display

Just for the benefit of anyone else who might have the same problem. Just had a camera back from repair to the battery case and when I fired it up there was a really strong Yellow Cast to the LCD display on the back of the camera.

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Marilyn Monroe - she's still so damn sexy!

Marilyn by Magnum | Feature Shoot Magnum have just launched their latest book of images of Marilyn Monroe.

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Royal Photographic review of my workshops

Thank you to John Davies who has published a write-up about one of my workshops in the recent RPS newsletter.

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Can machine learning tell you if your pictures are awesome?

Everypixel have recently launched a web app that uses machine learning to examine your images and tell you if they are "awesome" and how awesome they are! We've got a test here to see if you agree.

SWPP Convention and Trade Show Review

Just got back from the first day, I've only been down to the trade show, would like to do the convention as well, but couldn't make the time this year.

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Martin Elliot - photographer of the Tennis Bum - sadly RIP

It's one of those truly iconic images isn't it. While cheesy to within an inch of its life it nevertheless was a huge feature in the '70's and early '80's.