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Can machine learning tell you if your pictures are awesome?

Everypixel have recently launched a web app that uses machine learning to examine your images and tell you if they are "awesome" and how awesome they are! We've got a test here to see if you agree.

SWPP Convention and Trade Show Review

Just got back from the first day, I've only been down to the trade show, would like to do the convention as well, but couldn't make the time this year.

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Martin Elliot - photographer of the Tennis Bum - sadly RIP

It's one of those truly iconic images isn't it. While cheesy to within an inch of its life it nevertheless was a huge feature in the '70's and early '80's.

Favourite accessory of 2009

This is shamelessly culled from the net-model website, but I thought it was interesting, the discussion was on favourite accessories, excluding lenses and cameras, here's the summary: "A large, round white/silver reflector.

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Battery Grips (video)

A short YouTube photography tip

Are you really at the top of google?

So you enter search terms relevant to your business into google and lo and behold you come out at the top of the search and you feel pretty chuffed with your SEO strategy.

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The camera points both ways - how do you see yourself?

Most people's reaction when seeing these images is a bit of a giggle, your reaction was probably no different.

Eyesight, diopetre adjustment and focussing

Do you get the feeling when looking through the viewfinder that what you see isn't really a sharp, but your photos are properly focussed.

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Have you ever wondered about making a video from all your photographs the hard way?

Have you ever wondered what happens if you take all the photographs you have made of a particular model and play them back at 30 frames per second?

The Year End Interview

In which I answer all sorts of questions relating to the end of 2009.... 1. What did you do in 2009 that you'd never done before?