11 More Tips To Improve Your Portrait Photography

1) If its cropped, crop deliberately. No half measures on cropping, either something is in shot, or its not.

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6 More Tips for Portrait Photography (video)

A short YouTube photography tip

4 tips on protecting your camera and lens against humidity

Unusually even in the UK we've had some recently humid days, and those who are travelling to more distant climes this is more of an issue.

7 Quick Lighting Tips

1) Turn your sitters back to the sun Now the temptation is to have the sitter face the sun, so they are well lit, but this tends to lead to hard shadows and squinty eyes.

7 Tips to improve your portrait photography

1) Use Window Light Long before flash was invented artists used windows, in particular northern facing windows.

5 Tips for shooting music concerts

You want to shoot your favourite band, complete with light-show, lasers, fireworks and whatever other special effects are going on, so what's the best way of getting some good images (assuming you are not down in the press pit).

8 Tips for paying attention to detail

1) Watch the hands Don't show a flat hand - whether palm out or back facing the camera - it makes the hand look big, turn the hand edge on.