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August 2016 Newsletter - 100 Do's and Don'ts Quick Guides

This month I launch three new 'Quick Guides', short 30+ page books with a lot of tips, advice and guidance in a quick read format, printable checklist and a low price.

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July 2016 Newsletter - Wedding Photography Advice

The Wedding Season is upon us, so here are some quick planning tips for wedding photographers

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April 2016 Newsletter - Walden Workshop Winners

National competition medal winners with images taken at a FilmPhotoAcademy workshop

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March 2016 Newsletter - 30 Focus Tips for Sharper Pictures

30 Great Tips for Improving Sharpness in Your Images

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February 2016 Newsletter - Understanding Depth of Field

This month's free download cheat is about depth of field and how to use it.

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January 2016 Newsletter - Cream Rises...

Cream Rises, a new website to compare your images with the rest of the world

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January 2017 Newsletter - Have Fun!

Some fun and inspiration for the New Year

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December 2016 Newsletter - New Blog Features Launched

Blog has a new look and feel to make it easier to read and find information.