Q&A: What's the best way to move from 1 light to 2?

Q: "I've been shooting with a single strobe light for a while but I really want to add a second light for rim lighting but I'm having trouble understanding whether to change the lights, the camera settings and how to balance them all together.

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Do You Enter Photo Competitions? (video)

A short YouTube photography tip

Q&A: What is "dudeoir"?

Q: "I've heard this word "dudeoir" a couple of times now about portraits - what is it?" Dudeoir is Boudoir for Dudes :) The Boudoir - lingerie/sexy style - has become very fashionable for the girls.

Q&A: Should I switch careers to photography?

Ooh, now that's a big question. Firstly I have to say that photographers are having a real hard time in general right now.

Q&A: Do buyers want me to have my own style?

Q: "I want to be a commercial photographer for magazines etc. I'm confused, should I develop my own style or should I try to shoot the style I see in magazines?

Q&A: Is a photography degree worthwhile?

Q: "I'm in my last year of school, want ot be a photographer as a career. My careers advisor has said I should get a degree.

Q&A: What iphone photography apps do you use?

Day to day, not so many, I'm not a big user of Hipstagram, Instagram etc, so mostly just the inbuilt ios Camera app.

Do I need stills if I'm shooting video

Well, look at this way, a screen grab from video is very low resolution compared to a true photographic still.

Q&A: Should I talk to competing photographers?

Q: "I've been a long to a couple of meetings of local working photographers, but I'm not sure. It seems to me that I'm just giving away my business secrets and not getting anyting back.

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Do You Need a Model Release (video)

A short YouTube photography tip