4 tips on protecting your camera and lens against humidity

Unusually even in the UK we've had some recently humid days, and those who are travelling to more distant climes this is more of an issue.

1) Protect the camera from rain

Even if it's just wrapping it in a plastic bag,

2) Protect the camera from humidity

When not in use keep it in your camera bag or case. If you want you can keep it in a sealed plastic bag with some of those silica gels packets that came with your camera.

3) How to dry it afterwards

Very carefully, if you've been out in the hot and humid, just pop it in a bag with some silica gel and keep it somewhere warmer, rather than cooler.

You do not want to put it somewhere too cool, because this will cause the moisture to condense out on the camera.

Similarly, if you have been inside an air-conditioned building and are about to leave, keep your camera bagged until it has warmed up to outside temperatures, otherwise you'll walk out the door and it'll be covered in moisture like a cold beer can.

4) Fungus worries

Certainly older lenses used to often get fungus growing on them - usually inside the lens where you have no access, almost impossible to clean. Modern coatings and lens manufacture tends to cut that down these days, so it is much less of a worry.

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