AOP part 3: Strength

models model glamour fashion nude Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photographyFrom the first few shots it became apparent that Maja could play the emotional chameleon and pull of a wide range of posing styles.

This is a bit unusual with models, usually it takes a little while for a model to warm up, but Maja was straight in there.

Now my task was to understand what we could do and how I would enable Maja's talents.

It is always interesting working with a model for the first time. Every model has particular skills and personalities. Most models will advertise as working fashion, glamour, fine art because they do. However that is not the same thing as saying they can do all those styles well.

In my experience a good fashion model can usually pull off art nude (and vice-versa), but glamour models less so. Similarly, nude and fashion models tend to be less good at the glamour side of things. Partly this is temperament, partly this is posing style.

Fashion and art nude are more disconnected from the viewer, more structured. Glamour is more connected to the viewer and requires a person who is happy to be more sexual.

Maja stina model, models model glamour fashion nude Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

This is an excerpt from "Anatomy of a Photoshoot" which gives a complete breakdown of two days shooting with a full in-depth step by step review of everything that I do.

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