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Bex Mitchell Photoshoot (archive repost)

2 August 2014


I had the pleasure of doing Bex’s first ever photoshoot and I was really pleased to see her back at the studios again recently.



Although Bex has some wonderful assets I love her face – which is terrifically sexy.  I love teh way that Bex can pull that sexiness through into her body posing too.   She really is a terrific glamour girl.

~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-120013_7039 ~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-120342_7083  ~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-122734_7173 ~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-123749_7180 ~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-124636_7308 ~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-130851_7320 ~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-131100_7362 ~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-131933_7498 ~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-140202_7710 ~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-141139_7844

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