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Book: 600+ Nude Poses (archive repost)

1 January 2015

The Pose Book


600 Nudes Pose Book


This guide has over 650 nude posed photos. A complete guide to posing when standing, sitting or lying. How to handle hands, face posing and much more.


eBook on CD

Price £10.00



About this guide for photographers

This guide has a collection of shows you can run through in several ways. The automatic guides page through the poses in sequence – from this you can see how your posing session can move from step to step – building on each pose as you go – giving you lots of styles of posing, quickly but effectively. Watch these sequences and note how the model moves from one to another – often small moves make big differences.

The manual guides let you page through each style of posing, one image at a time, you can take your time to examine how the pose works, what works well, what areas you need to be careful with and how you can translate it to your own working method.

By the end of this book you will have learnt new, time saving techniques for creating professional poses. You will know how to sequence a photographic set to make your model look their best – and give you control and professionalism in your posing.


About this guide for models

Watch the automatic sequences – in particular note how the model is quickly moving from one pose to another, in this way you show your photographer client your many different looks. You will be more professional and more rewarding for the photographer.

As well as looking at the overall pose shape, look at how the details work, what shape are the hands, how are the feet posed, how is the tummy held and where are the hips supported. Use the manual guides to look more closely at the poses.

By the end of this guide you will have learnt new poses, and be able to offer a better and more professional service to your clients.


This book is available in a number of formats from different suppliers

You can purchase the Soft Cover print direct from Lulu Printed Version

The book is available on Amazon Kindle.

Or you can purchase the full CD, complete with slideshow sequences showing exactly how to flow pose from us directly.


eBook on CD

Price £10.00



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