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Britain’s most beautiful face (archive repost)

23 February 2015


Driven by a marketing campaign – but interesting nevertheless.  Lorraine Cosmetics ran a competition where contestants had to send in a photograph with no makeup and must not have had any cosmetic surgery.   They then ran a series of different symmetry tests to come up with a top three entrants.   Then there was a national vote and Florence Colgate was selected.

Now symmetry is a well known factor in making a pleasing face – and all of us are more or less symetrical in the face.   But there are also optimum spacings and size ratios between chin,mouth, eys and forehead.   Apparently having eyes exactly 46% as far apart as the width of the face is optimal.

On a related note about porn star beauties…

A good BMI (Body Mass Index) for a healthy 19 year old american women is 18.5 – 23.0.   Guess what, after reviewing hundreds (!) of porn stars and calculating their BMI, they come up as an average 18.5 – on other words right on the low-end of a good healthy BMI.   Interestingly Paris Hilton has a BMI of 16 – making her far too skinny, Angelina Jolie is 18.4.   However the average ACTUAL BMI for american women is around 26 !!




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