Cost of Printing Brochures

Just a short note on the value of shopping around. It's time to have my brochures re-printed, I'm duplicating an existing brochure, which is quite fancy tri-fold on heavy stock card. I sent a sample from my last print run to 7 local suppliers and here's what I got back:

1) £340, 300 gsm silk

2) £430

3) £701, 280 gsm silk

4) £669.22, 350 gsm silk

5) £344, 350 gsm silk

So, the most expensive was twice the price than the cheapest. The quote I'm going for is number 5 - from Color Co in Cheltenham, they are cost competitive, offer the heavy card and where the quickest to respond.

Now, there's two reasons for posting this particular item. Firstly, when you are looking for suppliers, it' pays to shop around - particular on something fairly commodity driven.

But also just look at the price of these things - at the cheapest rate I'm paying nearly 40pence per brochure - marketing never comes cheap. Worse, by the time I've posted these, envelopes and stamps - that's nearly £1 per item mailed to mailing list.