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Creating a high-key glamour look (archive repost)

7 January 2015

A bright, white and cheerful look is typical of high key glamour – and indeed high key photography in general.

Lighting Diagram

The two softboxes left and right at front push in plenty of soft and diffused light with low shadows. The background is lit seperately with two additional lights, the lighting on the back is about the same level as the front.

You will often see that the back should be lit to 2 stops or more brighter than the subject – and yes, that works – mostly. However, you can easily create blow-back and flare – losing the definition around the edge of your subject.

I think you’ll find if your background is white (and not slightly off-white or mucky) then it will appear white using my method.

All that said, what you actually see in these images is that I have actually put some grey tone back into the image in post processing, just to give some sense of the background actually existing, rather than a cut-out model.

Shooting down gives a new angle, but also can be very flattering for legs.

And don’t forget to come in close (and much closer than this crop too – sex is in the eyes don’t forget).

Model: IvoryFlame

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