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4 Photo Managers Reviewed: Lightroom, ThumbsPlus, ACDSee, IdImage - Digital Asset Management

OK, so I've been a user of ThumbsPlus for years. Like all of the DAM's listed, it catalogues your images, lets you add keywords, do general editing and file management.

How NOT to select photographs for competitions

We've just finished judging over 3,000 images for the VECC National. This exhibition covers entries from UK photographers in four categories: Colour, Monochrome, Creative and Natural History.

Shutter release and time lapse photography

There are two types of time lapse photography, the first is long single exposures, the second is many exposures over a period of time - usually resulting in a film sequence.

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You can put a plastic bag over your lens and create fascinating images.

You know long before photoshop was invented photographers were always manipulating images - right from the very early days montage, HDR printing, camera trickery, double exposures all those tricks were in place.

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5 Photography Technique Blogs

These are some of the photo technique blogs I visit regularly, in no particular order: http://www.digitalweddingforum.

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Digital Framing

I've no idea why in this contemporary digital age we still add old fashioned frames digitally. Fortunately it's a style that has pretty much died off now, a couple of years back it was ever so common.

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Artemis - Creating a Story (video)

"Nudes Deconstructed" - a short YouTube video discussion of an image.

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Instant Backgrounds, Stage Sets and Structure

Shooting with Julie Waterhouse, a very proficient dancer and model, I wanted to put together a stage set that Julie could improvise around.

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Crop Rotation - Odd Crops and Going Dutch

The standard head in the middle of the frame is OK, but if you want add a bit more dynamic to your image consider shifting the crop and or rotation of the image for a more striking effect.