Video Work: NikiMarie Erotica


I wanted to experiment with video that included a lot of camera movement. In production terms a moving camera, normally done on a dolly and less often on a crane, adds a lot of perceived quality to an video.

The trick is to get the motion smooth, even and not too fast. Having neither a dolly or a crane I used a lighting boom, which is heavily weighted to balance the weight of the camera on the other end.

I found this worked really well, easy to move smoothly, easy to see how fast you were moving.

You do have to get the line of the move right, otherwise you find things drifting out of shot as it does have a circular arc of course. Also, this move only really works looking down - Getting a smooth up and down motion wasn't going to happen on my gear it was too shaky.

Nevertheless I was pretty pleased with the look of the end result.

video camera smooth moving motion Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

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