OnlyFans Review - Part 1 - First Impressions

Quick background - since so many of my model friends and colleagues have found their income disappear with corona I offered to buy a 1 month subscription to OnlyFans for any of them who asked.

This was my first experience with OnlyFans, so I also promised a review or two.

If you don't know OnlyFans is essentially a Pay For View site for models and photographers. You sign up to someone who you want to follow and pay a monthly subscription to see their photos and videos.

OnlyFans is essentially only a hosting and money collection site - there is no promotion - you are expected to do that for your own site.


OK, OnlyFans is essentially a sex-work site. Let's not beat about the bush, this really only serves one purpose and art is not it. This is quite significant.

If you have previously been a glamour or art-nude model what you've been doing is not really what OnlyFans is about.

The only other category of viewer on here is going to be the stalker type.

This is effectively camming work, providing more sexually explicit material than you would normally consider making public.

Even being on the site I suspect has an immediate affect on your reputation. I have to be honest - it's changed my view of some models. Models I've known for years, sticking very carefully to chosen levels, showing that has been an arbitrary distinction.

This is really important consideration. In all your future bookings how will you protect your levels if your clients know you've gone way beyond them online?

Secondly, you must also assume that images posted here WILL be reposted on more public sites.

I'm going to quote Helen Stephens here: "I personally enjoy doing the online stuff, but I accept it for what it is - porn/sex work. I have no plans to have a career in teaching etc. Also all my friends and family are aware of what I do and I claim for

all my earnings (you WILL get arseholes attempting to blackmail you by threatening to show your images to friends and family or reporting to you tax authorities) - these awful individuals literally have no power when they try this on me as I have absolutely nothing to hide, but

unfortunately I've witnessed many sex workers over the years who have experienced blackmailers like and it's heartbreaking and incredibly stressful for them."

I am no prude, I have always been of the view that sex work is just another kind of work. I have no worries with colleagues and friends being sex-workers of all sorts, types and experiences.

But, OnlyFans was frankly a bit shocking, it has a feel of "Readers Wives". Fairly poor quality open leg shots taken on a phone. There is no art, no subtlety about this.

You have to be absolutely sure you are happy to be associated with this level and type of work.

I fear there will be issues down the line when this is all over about level keeping. If a level pusher knows you have an OnlyFans account - even if they have never seen it - they are going to assume the worst.

You will need to be prepared for the next pusher to say "I've seen you do much worse" - how will you handle that both emotionally and professionally?

There might be a couple of exceptions, if you are into very specific fetish work, your subscribers might be of a different category, but that won't change the affect on your reputation.

Just one other thing, in doing a little googling about OnlyFans and it is painfully obvious that there are a lot bots or paid schills promoting OF. You will see lots of videos about how much people have made, same thing in comments sections - they are definitely being paid for by OnlyFans and should not considered to be real.

I'm going to talk about money, promotion, content and OnlyFans for photographers in some later items.