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freya system root camera background Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography


While working in some woods Freya and I discovered this amazing root system for a fallen tree.

The trick was in knowing how to use it. There are really two possibilities. One, go for very delicate posing which would be a contrast against the spiky, random lines of the roots. Two, shoot something very angular and extreme that compliments the background.


By placing Freya at the bottom of the frame the root system above takes on an imposing status.

The small human figure provides a strong scale dereference and clearly shows how high the root system is.

Finding the right camera position so that the figure is held in areas of contrast and no cut by any of the intervening twigs, branches and roots is important.


Technically there was little I could do; the light was what it was (strong light through trees). I shot with a small enough aperture to ensure good depth of field - hence keeping Freya and the background clearly sharp,

But, camera position is all for this photograph. The ground where I am shooting from rises sharply from Freya's position - and creating the sense of height requires a low camera angle. So, I am lying down in the mud in order to get the lowest position possible.

Even then, it is slightly higher than I would have liked. The only other possibility would be shoot with a wider angle lens and come down inside the pit with Freya. However then I would have problems with their being insufficient root system to fill the whole frame. Wider angle shots always include more background.

freya system root camera background Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

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