AOP part 16: Triangles and Leading Lines

maja lot shape million lines Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

The technical bit of photography really is the easy bit. The really important part is happening the in the equipment behind the camera - in your head.

I'm talking about composition really. In this image I've asked Maja to keep feet apart and knees together and spread the arms out.

Why? Because I'm creating a strong triangular shape with the frame. A triangle is a very strong compositional shape.

Beyond that, notice how the various lines on the walls tend to direct attention to the Maja at the centre of the frame. Then the A frame around her head concentrates on Maja's face.

Now sometimes this is very, very deliberate. But I have to be honest and say a lot of it is just intuition and experience. What it is not, is accidental.

It basically comes from taking an awful lot of pictures (nearly 2 million!) and reviewing an awful lot of pictures (2 million of my own and goodness knows how many others have taken).

Here I am lying on the floor to get the shot. I can guarantee somewhere I shuffled a couple of inches to achieve a better framing. There might have been small requests to Maja to tip left, or swing right to the light. Even before we'd got that far I had placed the bench at an angle and tipped the chair in the background upside down.

So how do you learn this stuff and develop your style?

Maja stina model, maja lot shape million lines Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

This is an excerpt from "Anatomy of a Photoshoot" which gives a complete breakdown of two days shooting with a full in-depth step by step review of everything that I do.

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