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Digital Framing (archive repost)

11 February 2015


I’ve no idea why in this contemporary digital age we still add old fashioned frames digitally.


Fortunately it’s a style that has pretty much died off now, a couple of years back it was ever so common.


So, I’ve been messing around building some new frame styles that have a modern and contemporary look to them.  Here are some ideas.




I particularly like that you can tell a story with use of a few frames.


Also, depending on your layout, unconventional cropping of the images adds a bit of fun and interest too.



Also sometimes a set of images can be stronger by putting them together than seeing them separately.



And sometimes you just want to show off a lot of images in one go.




Alright I know I complained about cliché frames, but it still works.




Thank you to Bex Mitchell for modelling.

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