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Experimental Photoshop with Leah (archive repost)

21 January 2014


The “Difference” and “Exclusion” blend modes on layers are not used very often because the results are somewhat unpredictable and weird.  


But I knew they would be just what I needed for these shots to give a completely different feel to them.


Picture1: duplicate layer, mirror it, set to difference blend.   Love the way the face has come out like some weird animal.





Picture 2:  A texture layer in difference mode.  Bit of masking to pull back the effect over Leah herself.




Picture 3: Same thing, but this technique, but as a monochrome to remove the distracting colour elements.




Picture 5: A much more conventional style of montage, but using colour layers to bind the two images together.



Picture 6:  This is around 50 shots all layered together with the difference mode, you either need to be patient or build a script to do this.



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