Favourite accessory of 2009

This is shamelessly culled from the net-model website, but I thought it was interesting, the discussion was on favourite accessories, excluding lenses and cameras, here's the summary:

"A large, round white/silver reflector."

"Alien Bees parabolic brollies"

"My remote trigger"

"Cambo "Redwing" Light boom"

"Ringflash" (several times)

"Elinchrom skyports"

"Elinchrom Deep Octa"


"Elinchrom Quadra A kit"



"Pocket Wizards"

"Lastolite Hilite"

For me, I'm going to repeat my entry from last year, my little Canon Selphy 720. It prints 6 x 4 inch postcards by dye-sub - they're brilliant. It's quick, easy, no fuss and perfect to give a client something to take away on the spot.

Mine broke down this year, so picked up an eBay replacement for about £30 I think. I could have got the more recent versions, but I like the old one and know it does what it says on the can.

The other accessory I still use so often and still get impressed by is the Canon EP-4 (I think) the battery pack for the 540-EX flash unit - holds 8 AA batteries to add to the 4 in the flash unit. I can shoot a whole wedding with just one change of batteries with this fella. Very fast re-charge time - personally I much prefer it to the heavier Quantum Turbo type packs.

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