How much timber does it take to build a studio?

Sorry for lack of posts, but I've been working flat-out on the build 12-14 hours a day - it's quite time consuming and completely exhausting. I would have loved to have got contractors in to do the work, but that would have tripled my costs - way beyond my budget.

There's also something very satisfying about being able to say "I made this"

Walls like glass

The only specialist I expect to use are a plasterer to skim the walls - who is half way through and is absolutely amazing. Firstly he is extremely fast. But the walls feel like glass when you run your hands over them - gob-smacking.

The other guy will be somebody to fit all the locks to the doors - I could, just about, do this but it's ever so fiddly and an expert will do it quicker and better fitting than I ever will.

Anyway, back to the question.

How much timber does it take?

So far, we have used over 1 kilometre of cut timber and 4 tennis courts worth of boards!!

We haven't finished the coves yet and I keep coming up with last minute tweaks, but that is a huge amount of wood and board.

Screws? Well difficult to say, but I'm over the 2,000 mark (no nails anywhere).

It gets worse, that little lot adds up to at least 3 tonnes and I've moved it all at least once and most of it two or three times because it's always in the wrong place !!