How to build a cove with Ashley

So while surfing the tinterweb for advice on cove building and different methods I came across this rather delightful video of how to build a full photographic infinity cove.

Having built them before I'm going to take a slightly different approach. Instead of raising the base from the floor instead I shall be going for a lay flat approach sandwich of chipboard and MDF cover. I'll use flexi-MDF for the curve and then a plain MDF wall.

The whole thing will be braced and studded on the back wall with 4x2 timbers. Instead of vertical braces on the curve, I shall go for a horizontal brace because I've had problem with people making holes in the curve.

The whole thing will be skimmed with plaster to smooth out any joins, although once you fill the cove full of light it is not really a problem. But when it is unlit, because you want a smooth grey, then little defects can start to show up.