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Just add oil – couples shoot (archive repost)

13 July 2015 2 Comments


A little baby oil goes a long way – well actually quite a lot of baby oil.   The trick is not to rub it in, but splash it over.  The shine you get when you’ve applied enough is terrific. 


You really have to make sure that you get it everywhere, because dry patches really show up.  So make sure you get the insides of the arms, all of the back and so on. 


I would suggest avoiding the feet though.  Firstly it can make a models feet very slippery and likely to fall over.  Much more important though it’s a bugger to get off your studio floor.


The trick to removing baby oil by the way is to apply soap, shampoo, washing up liquid direct to the oil – don’t apply water first.  The water prevents the soaps breaking down the oil.


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  • John Merklinghaus said:

    Lots of new information for me about using oil. Thanks! This page really whets my appetite for the DVDs I ordered, since your lessons are dense and easy to learn.

  • Simon (author) said:

    Your welcome, you are going to love the DVD’s there is just so much info in them – watching today on the edits and they are just stuffed full.