Levitating Girl - Experimental Stop Motion

Another sequence messing around with stop motion - this was a bit of a trial run and we hit a few problems with this so sadly it involved quite a lot of merging images in photoshop - we ended up having to shoot the magician and the girl separately.

However, the levitation is not photoshop - I guess it's pretty obvious how it was done - but it is surprisingly effective.

Brodie Lock - our very game and physically fit model reckoned she could do 500 jumps, I figured she'd be lucky to do 100. She managed about 50 and was slowing down :)

I'd love to do this in a much larger scale, and more accurately controlled, but you would have to be astonishingly strong in your legs to do this anything like enough times to make more than a few seconds.

photoshop motion trial surprisingly slowing Simon Q. Walden, FilmPhotoAcademy.com, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

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