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One chair, one pose – make the most of it. (archive repost)

5 September 2014



I want to talk about making the most of any instance in the studio. 


Here we have one chair, one position on the chair, just look at the changes and different looks we’ve been able to achieve, by slight tweaks to the pose or to the camera position.


Camera position is so important, we do get a bit lazy and look at one angle only, when moving around can reveal something so much better.



Pose 1:  Naked but not revealing.




Pose 2:  Much more revealing




Pose 3:  Shift the camera angle.   This is probably my favourite because I love the way the curves of the chair are echoed by the curves of Bex’s body.




Pose 4:  Slightly longer shot, still completely naked, but not a jot on show.




Pose 5:  Same pose as above, just bringing the camera in closer – by zooming with the feet.




Thanks to the lovely Bex Mitchell.

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