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PhotoShoot: LouLou (archive repost)

23 January 2015 3 Comments


Lou and I never seem to shoot enough together, I think the last time we shot must have been a couple of years ago when we did the Wedding Dress Fire set.


~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-145704_0557 ~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-150029_0587 ~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-150845_0708 ~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-150943_0723 ~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-164322_2319 ~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-164711_2369 ~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-174708_2564 ~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-175027_2606 ~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-175629_2684

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  • Mervyn Pugh said:

    Hi Simon,

    Some great shots, but the pose of Lou lying down looking over her right shoulder stresses my brain!! The position of viewing is “unnatural” and I keep wanting to turn my head ! The strange thing is that I am judging a photo competition between two clubs tomorrow and one of the images is posed exactly the same!! regards Mervyn

  • Simon (author) said:

    Well brain stress is alright in the right circumstances. I don’t mind it, but I know it bugs some folks.

  • Mervyn Pugh said:

    Should I now start thinking outside the box?