Posing Girls - the 8 step method

Here are the simple moves...

1. Ask her to stand sideways to the camera, facing the side walls of the studio.

2. Get her to drop all her weight onto the leg farthest away from the camera. The nearest leg will have to bend slightly as the weight is transferred and the hips tilt.

3. Now give her strict instructions to keep her hips facing the same place, but to turn FROM THE WAIST so that her shoulders and chest start to come towards the camera.

4. Get her to stop the turn when one breast is still in profile against the background.

5. Ask her to pull her shoulders back and arch up slightly from the waist.

6. Now concentrate on the arms. Pull the farthest one back so that it is hidden behind the body, and the nearest arm needs to either be put on her hips, or placed in such a way so that a triangle is formed to see the background through.

7. Get her to turn her head and look directly into the camera.

8. Tell her she looks gorgeous - Wait for the reaction - Push the shutter release.

camera hips weight waist slightly Simon Q. Walden, FilmPhotoAcademy.com, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

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