Q&A: Shoot I shoot RAW for events?

Q: I shoot RAW for things like Weddings, but should I use it for less important events photography too?

I have a simple rule: "If it goes out of the door, it shoots in RAW"

What I mean is that while we don't shoot RAW in the studio - there is no need - we have perfect control of the light and both don't need the extra that RAW gives us, but also we just couldn't use it workflow terms.

However, as soon as you venture out into the "real world" then I think RAW is a must.

Why? Because the real world has a lot of variables as far as light range, contrast, colour balance etc is concerned. So you never know what you might need to recover once you get back to the edit suite.

Personally I shoot RAW and JPEG mode - mostly I will then just use the JPEG's, but if the picture requires it I will go back to the RAW and pull out a corrected version as needed.

If your workflow is pretty much based round RAW anyway - and for a lot of wedding shooters that's the case - then just stick with it all the time.

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