Q&A: What iphone photography apps do you use?

Day to day, not so many, I'm not a big user of Hipstagram, Instagram etc, so mostly just the inbuilt ios Camera app.

That said, there are few that I would recommend:

Camera Awesome

Which is another variation on the Instagram style, but I really like it, I like the way it provides different ways of composing your image as well as the post processing filters.


Is a fascinating little app, essentially you can take several pictures of the same space from different directions and it merges them into one image that you can then rotate and spin round using your finger. Kind of difficult to explain but good and interesting. Sadly let down by the limited number of places you can actually view the images.

Video Star:

Is a brilliant music video tool. It plays the music and you mime along with it, apply cool effects, easy to retake sections, great fun. I want to do a lot more with this as its more than just fun.

Camera A and Camera B

Sorry, can't find the proper name for this app right now, but essentially it links your ipad and iphone together so you can see on your ipad what your iphone camera sees and lets you take pictures - remotely. There are so many uses for this thing. Put your iphone out by your bird feeder, watch the birds on your ipad and snap away. Need an instant remote CCTV? Want to catch people without making them camera shy.


Is a tool that has all sorts of info like sun, moon positions etc., the thing I use it for us depth of field calculation. Put in your focal length, f-stop and subject distance and it tells you where your depth of field is sharpest and where it falls away.

There are others too, but those are the ones that I use most frequently.

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