Red Drape

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This setup has been a staple shot of mine over the years. It is simple but so striking. We use it for models and our boudoir clients.

The rich red tones against the Carla's perfect, pale skin make such a terrific contrast. Shot against our very neutral toned grey floor both Carla and the cloth punch out of the frame.

The shot is taken from a ladder - and you need to get as high as you can (and dare). Otherwise you will find you are shooting quite wide angled and this will distort the image.

Make sure your subject is still posing - especially the legs. Look at the way that I have posed Carla with one straight leg - giving her a nice long leg. Then other leg has the foot tucked tight into the first and the knee bent over the long leg. This slims the legs and adds extra shape and interest.

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Careful use of the sharpening tools during post-processing can greatly enhance the appearance of texture in the final image.

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I love the contrasts of the figures curves against the wrinkles and folds in the material


key points

A contrast of any sort in the image always makes a more interesting picture - in this case the contrast between cloth and skin.

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