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Scenes from the Shower Room 2:

7 November 2013 2 Comments

One of the sets in the new studio is a complete functioning HOT WATER shower which can be used as either a glamour area or an art nude area.


By the way, if you want to rent the studio, the shower area is available on any studio hire and is included free of charge.


You get around 15-20 minutes shooting time of hot water, so usually more than enough.  


The water then collects in a reflecting pool below which you can use as well for floating / reflecting shots.


Here are some examples:


~03-SQW~Bex_Mitchell-2012-05-15~WORK_20120515-154154_8367 ~03-SQW~Leah_Axl-2012-03-23~work_20120323-180432_8643 ~03-SQW~Leah_Axl-2012-03-23~work_20120323-180935_8724 ~03-SQW~LouLou_2012-03-14~WORK_20120314-191440_2981 ~03-SQW~Niki-Marie_Nichols-2012-03-22~WORK_20120322-200459_7990 ~03-SQW~Roxanne_Becks-2012-05-10~WORK_20120510-135540_5692 ~03-SQW~Roxanne_Becks-2012-05-10~WORK_20120510-140644_5827


  • John Merklinghaus said:

    Looks like a great addition. I don’t know how you’re able to take those pictures without the steam getting in the way, though. Do you use a fan?

  • Simon (author) said:

    The shower opens out directly into the studio, so the steam just drifts away instantly. (Though some models would say I would happily use cold water if steam was a problem!!!)

    But, yes, because it is not enclosed steam is not a problem.