blinds create triangles torsos sunlight Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography


I wanted to create some sculptural looking poses with Allex and Shane together. However, we were shooting in their small apartment and on the face of it was going to give me the simplicity of space that I was looking for. However, some quick thinking let me set up something that worked exactly as I wanted it.

There are often solutions to what seems like insurmountable problems if you can be a bit inventive and flexible. And then sometimes you have to choose to walk away and move onto something else. Everything is worth a try, some things are not worth spending forever on. Knowing which is which is important.


Not quite a pure silhouette - which would have been boring - the grey tones really support the image and enable the viewer to clearly separate out the two girls from each other. If it had been any darker, they would have merged into each other and the image would have been an unclear mess.

The highlighting running across Allex's (left) arms and legs clearly separate her from Shane.

Notice how the pose and composition is all about interlocking triangles, created by the white spaces between the figures. This repetition of bright triangles from large to small binds the image tightly together.

The pose itself also encourages the eye to keep looping back within the image. Hands lead to torsos; torsos lead round arms to legs, which come back to the opposite torso - it all forms a nicely grounded circle.


The light behind is direct sunlight onto window blinds. The strong sunlight washes out any definition in the blinds themselves. The blinds in turn create the effect of a huge softbox giving wrap around light across the figures.

Exposure was set manually to create the right balance between the shadow areas without revealing detail in the blinds behind.

blinds create triangles torsos sunlight Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

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