Silver Dresser

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Our small silver dresser is one of the more expensive props we have in the studio. But these kinds of expensive (or expensive looking) items are important to add that extra edge to your images.

A simple dressing table is a great posing tool, ours has a modern look to it, but you can also achieve some lovely setups with a more antique looking dresser.

With a dresser a subject can lean, stand, bend-over, look into, stand in front of, sit on and all manner of other purposes, so it can be very flexible.

This set of images is shot in a space about 4 feet wide - so quite small, but even working within the confines we can still get a lot of variety.

Lighting is from a single softbox to the left of the camera, reasonably close to the subject to give a fairly soft look but with still some good contrast.

Just a note, when shooting next to a strong red wall like this be prepared to get some strong colour casts!

Our first shot shows a strong, sensual pose of an empowered woman in charge of herself and her sexuality. Although on the one hand almost a standard glamour shot, the overall sense of authority Kirsty gives out is definitely a shot that empowers the subject, not objectifies her.

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By bringing the face down to the dresser in this shot we create a lovely reflected light back into the face while still maintaining a sense of environment.

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Kirsty leans forward over the dresser with the bra strap off the shoulder. This is a very sexy pose, lots of cleavage and very provocative. Keeping the chin up ensures that it is still of a women in charge, not submissive.


key points

A few expensive props can make your images look very glamorous.

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