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Barbie’s life sucks! (archive repost)

3 June 2015

Barbie-Inspired Photographs of a Loveless Marriage | Feature Shoot

Barbie and Ken - (C) Dina Goldstein

This wonderful series called In the Doll House by Dina Goldstein looks at the “real” and less than perfect life of Barbie and Ken.

In the Doll House by Dina Goldstein

What’s really great about this series is the perfect attention to detail.

The colour schemes are the most obvious part, I don’t know what colour’s Barbie’s house actually comes in, but the design for these rooms is exactly how imagine they should look.

In the Doll House (C) Dina Goldstein

Beyond the colour scheme, the actual props and sets are also vey well crafted and selected to give that “Doll’s House” feel

Then we move onto the choice of models, poses and post processing.  I’m assuming the figures don’t really have that anorexic Barbie look in real life, so lovely post work there.

But also the combined use of make-up and post processing to give that plastic look is incredibly well executed.

In the Doll House by Dina Goldstein

It is also in the posing as well, particularly on the action poses, to give that sense of dolls’ movement.

If you’ve seen my work on he Doll done with @Brodie Lock you will know I’ve got an interest in this area, but never went as far as this perfectly complete set of images.


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