Boudoir High Key Part 1

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In this sequence I have used a small 8 foot square area of set, with just two lights to create a range of different looks and styles. I want to show that even a small space used well does not need to be restricting at all.

The basic setup is a large window light (in my case a fake window with strobe behind it - but natural windows would work just as well). There is a second strobe working as the main light on the subject.

The main light - and the subject's face - has to be correctly exposed. The window light should be overexposed. Normal rule of thumb for a high key backdrop is 1 to 2 stops brighter on the backdrop, but for these styles you can let it go really over exposed if you wish.

I start with subject sitting between the window light and a bed, so she can lean onto the bed to begin with, then move onto the bed during the shoot.

This first shot works well with any sized subject, since much of them is hidden in the shot.

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By asking the model to climb onto the edge of the bed I can now create a different look, including some nice leg. I can use the arm to hide any difficult waist issues. This shot can help girls with a smaller bust size too.

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I then get the subject to lie on the bed. I ask for the face to be turned towards me (away from the window). The subject must look to camera, but not frown. The main light for the subjects face needs adjusting so it is the correct position.

This pose is our best selling shot of all time in the studio. We use a variation of it for nearly all female clients, regardless of the session type. It has to be done right and there is a sweet point when the light and camera position are all correct - you need to practice to find this sweet point.


key points

Small sets should be seen as an inventive opportunity, not a restricted space.

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