Energetic Posing for the Shot

This short sequence is from Coco Rocha posing for a fashion shoot. (Please be patient, it's quite a big GIF).

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We've featured Coco before as she is an amazing poser.

The beauty of this little sequence is watching how she creates a variation on each pose as she goes.

Now this isn't random, this is what years of being one of the top models brings you. Coco Rocha was originally a dancer and is very familiar with how to move her body.

Look at some of the details here. Look at how she "breaks" the angles, in other words every joint has a bend in it, that gives a strong dynamism to the images.

This animation finishes on the selected image, but of course she probably did another 20 after this as well.

To anybody who is into shooting people, I always strongly suggest you book a professional model, because they know their poses.

You will get so much more value from £200 spent on a model than £200 spent on a piece of equipment.

Now, watch this sequence of an unknown chinese model posing. Notice that she is posing really quickly, but she is not waiting for the flash. Her poses are faster than the photographer is able to shoot. They would both benefit from her slowing down. However, she really knows her posing again, look at how precise she is in her movement and flow and how she creates the different looks.

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