Eyesight, diopetre adjustment and focussing

Do you get the feeling when looking through the viewfinder that what you see isn't really a sharp, but your photos are properly focussed. Then probably it's your eyesight that is at fault.

Most SLRs have a facility called diopter adjustment. This is usually a small wheel next to the viewfinder. Turning this wheel effectively changes the focus in the viewfinder - the equivalent of wearing spectacles.

Now if you are a specs wearer then you should not need to adjust the diopter setting. But if you are someone who often swaps from using specs for longsight and no specs for short sight (like changing settings on your camera) then you may prefer to adjust the dioptre control.

Finally, while I am not an optician, I suspect that if you do not wear specs, but you do need to adjust your dioptre then you might benefit from an eye test.

For those who use the digital viewfinder on the back of the camera than the dioptre setting makes no difference at all by the way.

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