Trends for 2010 Commercial Photography

Do you want your images and style to look current and fashionable? Well, mostly, so here's my guide to photographic trends for 2010

Attainable Life Styles

We've seen it in 2009 and it's going to continue, pictures of happy people, doing happy things in a fairly ordinary circumstances. It's not going to be fast cars, yachts and foreign places yet.

So locations are going to be nice, smart, but homely. Aspirational but attainable.

Keeping It Green

The green theme will be stronger this year, locations will feature lots of nature, so its grass, flowers, golden fields in sunlight.

Retro Is Fading

The style of using stock photos from the 40's and 50's has really run it's course now, they're going to be disappearing. It's becoming more apparent to the consumer that these are just cheap photos used by lazy designers.

Retro is Back!

But fashion is incorporating a lot of retro elements in the clothes styling and that's going to be reflected in props and accessories especially. I think we're going to see a lot of scooters, big sunglasses and big hats this year in photos.

Computer graphics in and out

The inclusion of computer generated imagery (CGI) is going to really split this year - on the one hand its going to be really subtle enhancements to images that no-one will see, and on the other the very over the top is still going to be there.

The over the top CGI has reached its peak and will start to fade away, but not noticeably this year.

Editorial work is going be mostly natural, with faux-film style photos, but the occasional, well executed CGI extravaganza will also turn up from time to time.