Do you know what you get when you put somebody inside your lightbox?

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For this shoot I've placed Suzanne inside a high key backdrop lightbox. But, you could use any white diffusion material as long as it is held securely at the top and bottom (a weighted light stand could be easily used).

All the light comes from behind and to one side of the model and this creates the interesting shadows on the wall of the lightbox. When the model pushes into the wall the shadows increase in depth and you get impressions of the models form in the material.

It is this changing proximity of the model to the wall that gives the interesting shadow effects, ranging from dark to light tones.

In the first image we've positioned Suzanne up against the wall, but with her back arched out so there is almost a knife cut of light across her torso separating her body into two halves.

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The more interesting the pose against the wall, the more fascinating the final image is.

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I really like the way the shadow of the face is created here and is looking to the left while the body is posed to the right. The white space around the head and neck creates an interesting negative space with the hand on the right firmly placed in the negative space.


key points

Even a bedroom sheet will work as a diffusion screen if enough light is pushed into it. You can adjust your ISO to increase the exposure.

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