OnlyFans Review - Part 2 - Its All About the Content

You might want to refer back to Part 1 first.

OK, I can't see the point of being on OF if your monthly sub is less than a £tenner. I can't see how you could justify the time and keep the subscribers by producing enough content unless that is a minimum charge. I suppose you could low-ball the price and make it up in "tips" afterwards.

It seems to me you need to put up something at least daily. Those who are charging more are putting up at least 2 out of a single image, a video, or a photo set, every day.

If I were a subscriber I can't see why I am paying unless the content is worth it and frequently updated.

Now obviously from your side there are ways to prepare a ton of material in one go and spread it out over time. Also you could use "throwback" content as well (copyright and photographers permissions allowing).

The work effort required to get a reasonable returning subscriber rate has to be quite high.

So from my offer I signed up a little over a dozen accounts ranging from $3 to $20 a month. Those at the high end are definitely working hard at it every day.

I've already talked in part 1 about how this is sex-work - I'm afraid you can't really consider this as modelling. OF's principal purpose is to provide wank material, that is all. (Yes, I know there are one or two where that is not the case - but lets be realistic here).

I can't quite work out the niche, the amount of free, high quality porn on the internet is enormous. I strongly suspect the point here is that it is sort of a halfway house between regular modelling and camming where the punters interact, but sort of one step removed.

You provide material for people who think they have a more direct contact with you. I would not be surprised to here that stalkers are frequent and dick-pics very common.

I suppose there is something about the homemade feel of a lot of the posts, with selfie-sticks and the owners cat and all that. But that amateur vibe can be part of the appeal - like the viewer is getting an insight into your life.

If you are new to OF, then let me tell you want I've seen on those who have been there for a while. Content basically falls into open leg and/or striptease and often a combination of both.

Actual, good quality, erotic images are very rare. If you are coming from a glamour or fine-art nude world - this is not it.

Making content:

If it were me I would do this:


1) Work out a days worth of shooting.

  • Make a mixture of sets and outfits.

  • Shoot a mix of video and whole photo-sets.

  • Keep it simple

  • If shooting at home, keep finding different places to shoot so everyone looks different

  • Maybe do swaps with other models

  • Given the corona status, studio shoots are probably difficult at present, but not impossible

  • Try and find some outdoor spaces too.


2) Is someone going to shoot you?

  • I think a bit part of the appeal to subscribers is that it feels personal, so even if someone is shooting for you, I think it needs to look self-shot.


3) How do you shoot yourself?

  • Get yourself a selfie stick and tripod of some sort

  • As far as I can see your phone is good enough, but maybe a camcorder will get better results (and better angles)

  • Try and learn something about lighting

  • Check what you shoot for some sense of quality

  • For goodness sake turn the telly off - I've seen a lot of videos with coronavirus news playing in the background

  • Be careful with music I've heard there are copyright issues (can't confirm that though)


4) What sort of content

  • I can't tell you what levels you are happy with but it is not what you'd normally shoot

  • Are you into or can you play at some particular fetish - niche fetish can be very lucrative

  • Be prepared to talk to camera, flirt and chat up

  • Can you make point of view material? (i.e. the viewers point of view)

  • How will you strip? If straight strip-tease is not you, can you do it differently?

  • Can you deal with toys and other props?

  • To keep up subscriber interest mix it up, stills, video, sets and plain text messages


5) Do you want to sell other stuff?

  • Used underwear, sex-toys can be lucrative

  • Private photo shoots - or at least private requests for styles

  • Will you offer more explicit locked materials?


6) Don't forget, you are trying to make a contact with the viewers

  • Think of all your viewers as one person, talk to that one person

  • Include text messages and little snippets of a daily life (even a pretend one)