OnlyFans Review - Part 3 - Promotion and Privacy

You might want to read Parts 1 and 2 first.

OnlyFans does not do any promotion - in fact if you don't know someone is on there it is quite difficult to find anybody.

You can search if you have an idea of the name, there are a handful of links put up on the side of the screen (no idea how they are selected).

But essentially OnlyFans assumes you are doing the promoting. You will need to use all your social media routes to get subscribers.

Of course from a safety and reputation viewpoint this is tricky (See part 1).

You have to use your existing contacts so get subscribers. That might be OK from Facebook where you've got some measure of approval of contact From sites like Instagram, where your followers are much more anonymous and uncontrolled, I think that is more of a concern.

I don't have a good opinion of OnlyFans subscribers and some are certainly unpleasant characters. The link between your OnlyFans account and your social media does put them in a much better position to track you down either virtually or in reality.

I would strongly consider using a completely different name on OF for a number of reasons.

In fact there is something to be said for emotional, psychological, reputational and safety reasons to have a completely different persona on OnlyFans, someone who lives a different life, a different place and has different attitudes.

You must also be aware that as soon as you start promoting yourself on Facebook, your friends will know. How will that change what they think about you?

It doesn't matter if you only posted the same material as you regularly shoot now - any one who knows assumes that OnlyFans is for wank material or much more explicit. I repeat - OnlyFans is sex-work. How do you feel about your social network, your friends, colleagues and family knowing that?

Assuming you are going ahead, then you've got to work at it. A single post will get you nothing. Keep posting, every post make an offer about something different. Pick a single shot from a set, pick a clip from a video, "see more at…."

It seems pretty straightforward to me - those charging the highest monthly subscriptions are those who work their social media really hard. They post frequently on many channels, I see them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but that's because those are the channels I am on - I bet they are working others too.