OnlyFans Review - Part 4 - Is It Worth It?

You might want to read Parts 1 to 3 first.

This is the nub of it all - is it worth the effort.

Let's do some simple sums.

If your subscription fee is $15 then you get about £10.

If you get 10 subscribers per month - that is £100.00 a month.

If you can get 100 subscribers then that's a £1,000 a month.

You've got to be a bit brutal about this. If you are posting every day and got less than 20 subscribers, then you would be better off doing almost anything else.

If you've got a 100 subscribers, then that is about 1 weeks worth of shoots. That's not so bad, though I would figure you are putting a weeks worth of effort in to get that, maybe more.

If you can get 300 subscribers, then you've hit average UK wage.

But, you have to keep those subscribers, you have to keep replacing any that leave. You have to keep things fresh and interesting all the way through.

I'm not saying its impossible, but I bet it is hard.

On the upside, you've got a world wide audience - but somehow you've still got to reach them through your own social media - how would you do that?

Let's go back to rates and subscribers.

Your RateYou Get10 Subscribers30 Subscribers100 subscribers
$10 £5 £50/month £150/month £500
$15 £10 £100/month £300/month £1000
$20 £15 £150/month £450/month £1500
$25 £20 £200/month £600/month £2000

One thing is obvious from this table if you charge $20 a month you only need 30 subscribers vs 100 subs at $10 a month.

Can you charge the higher rates? Why would subscribers come to you at those higher rates? Can you get more subscribers?

Of course OnlyFans doesn't reveal peoples earnings, so I've asked about and made some (fairly accurate) guestimates.

The top 3% of OnlyFans make £5,000 a month. But my god I bet you have to work really hard on your promotion to get to the top 3%

Yes, there are UK models making £30,000+ a year. They are somewhere up in the top 1% as far as I can tell.

If we take our 100 subs at £20 a month, as an hourly wage, £10 an hour is roughly £2,000 a month wage. Are you better off getting a job? Right now supermarkets are looking for shelf-stackers at nearly those rates.

But, on the other hand, OnlyFans does not carry the expenses that modelling does, very little travel, no studio costs, no accommodation costs.

If you started making more money on it, then any travel you do - and you are free to travel as you wish - would all be tax deductible. (Though, to be clear, if you are on holiday and do some OF stuff, that does not make your trip tax deductible - its only if the trip is entirely for work - of course if you treat your free time as holiday, that's up to you)

I get the impression that models are often using their existing modelling travel and adding OF shoots along the way.

Also, it is worth remembering, through OnlyFans you've got a world wide audience, not just UK based photographers, there are billions of people out there who could be your followers (See part 3 - promotion). Just remember, OF doesn't find them for you - you have to find and build your audience.

I've also only talked about the core subscription revenue here - though they are key to the whole process. You can add a lot to that by using your "tip" jar. Essentially you can add all sorts of additional content which users pay for individually. That can be special sets for lots of people, unique sets for a single person, special activities and outfits. Special messages and voice recordings are easy to do. It might be ancillary sales like underwear and toys. The one thing you cannot do is arrange a "meet" - I guess OF think you are then escorting.

And of course, you might have completely different skills you can earn a living from. If you are going to put a weeks worth of effort for a few hundred quid then maybe you should be doing remote admin work, freelance social media management for companies, video promotions, voice-over work, home fashion modelling, becoming an Instagram influencer…

The corona represents a positive opportunity too. May be it is time to re-evaluate your skills, your career and your life and be something else? If you are a thirty year old model, how much longer have you really got? If you are a 20 year old model with a small customer base - is this modelling right for you now?