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Put a bag over it (archive repost)

3 April 2015

 ~03-SQW~Harriett_and_Leah-2012-05-27~WORK_20120527-182011_1521M   You know long before photoshop was invented photographers were always manipulating images – right from the very early days montage, HDR printing, camera trickery, double exposures all those tricks were in place.


For this set I went back to one of the simplest and oldest tricks, smearing the lens.  Traditionally you would smear vaseline over a plain glass filter, but in this case I went the really easy way.  A plastic bag with a hole in it.



All it does is screw up the optics and gives you out of focus and soft areas of the image.


The hole let’s you find a sharp point.





You can also do the same trick with bubble wrap – especially against a dark background you can get some wonderful bokeh light effects from the edges of the bubbles.





I used the same technique in two shoots recently.   Harriett and Leah responded to the plastic bag with a “Cool – let’s do it”.   The second responded with a “WTF?” – guess which ones I will work with again – and which ones will never darken my door :)

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