Q&A: Should I switch careers to photography?

Ooh, now that's a big question.

Firstly I have to say that photographers are having a real hard time in general right now. On all fronts clients are spending less than they ever did, often spending nothing at all.

Some examples: printed news and magazines are paying less for their photography, often paying nothing at all these days. Instead of staff and freelance photographers instead reporters are sent out with a digi-cam and told to get on with it.

Wedding photography budgets have been slashed - again relying on friends and family to take photos for them.

Commercial photography died overnight when the credit crash hit and has been very slow to recover, though there are some signs of improvement there.

And, everybody has a "good enough" camera these days, along with a little photoshop knowledge means that its just not as technically difficult to produce acceptable "good enough" images these days.

Sadly in the last 3 years more freelance and employed photographers have had to go and find work in other fields.

That said, there are always some who do well, if you get the right name, the right images, the right attitude in front of the right people, then you can still do very well.

But be prepared for a long, hard, and poor struggle.

Of course money may not be your biggest driver, your passion for taking pictures may be sufficient and a chance to do that may be all you need - don't turn your back on your passion. But be aware that when you turn your pleasure into your work, it can become just that - work.

Right now, I'd be inclined to say, no - it's not a good time to become a full-time photographer, but that shouldn't stop you thinking about other ways of enjoying your hobby.

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