Strong Backgrounds

foliage tones texture sides interesting Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography


This image was shot on location in a night club. There were many spaces with interesting decoration around the club. However, in many cases there was very limited space to shoot in.

This corner of a corridor worked well for me. I liked the distressed patterning on the panels and the overall shape of the foliage on the left. However I wasn't terribly struck by the look of the foliage and decided that punching light through and across it would make it more interesting and hide much of its worst features.


The background is very strong in texture and pattern on both sides of the image. The choice of outfit has matched the background well. The curves and holes of the top balancing against the holes and angles of the foliage on the left.

There are two stripes of brighter tones running down the thirds line on both sides of the image providing balance. The gaze of Tina across the image joins the two halves together.

The strong sidelight has served to bring out texture and from across the image.


This image was shot with an off-camera speedlight to hard left of the image. This provides very strong and deep shadows - so attention to the angle of the face in particular is important to avoid shadowing in the eyes and under the chin.

In post-processing I have used a pseudo-bleach bypass process. This has the effect of reducing colour saturation in certain tones and increasing the contrast.

foliage tones texture sides interesting Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

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